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15 Ways Your Event App Can Make Your Next Internal Meeting the Best Yet

Written by: Angie Sloan

Angie Sloan


The new CEO of a large financial services company decided to get creative. He was being introduced for the first time to the company’s managing directors at an internal meeting. He wanted to invite conversation and, more importantly, questions from this key team of leaders.

Even with a group like this, people can be timid about asking questions in a large-group setting, especially to their new boss. The CEO decided to use live polling from the event’s mobile app to level the playing field and encourage everyone to participate. Turns out, he connected well with his new team. He received more questions than he could answer in the verbal Q&A time. Since the questions were saved in the app portal, he was able to follow up with the team on the remaining questions after the event.

Internal events can be a transformative way to affect your organization. Incredible things can happen when you bring the right people together. To re-energize your key contributors, your goals will likely be to network, collaborate, train and inspire.

You want to have the kind of meeting that takes people from their day-to-day routines and has them thinking about the big picture. This is good for your organization in so many ways. Having involved and engaged employees can make a huge difference for your company culture and your bottom line. Internal meetings can help bring your team together, enhancing the emotional connection to the organization and its goals.

Mobile technology can help. Use your program or event app to its fullest to get the most advantage for your high-value meetings.

When you’re planning your internal meeting, you may want to think of it in terms of key goal areas. There are four areas where you can really elevate the experience of your meeting for short and long term goals. Consider these important areas and then, if it makes sense, utilize a mobile app to help reach those goals.

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Build and Nurture Relationships

Your internal meeting should help create an emotional bond between your employees and your company. It’s also important for employees to network and strengthen relationships with each other.

  • Facilitate connections by including full profiles of each team member. Tag them by office, expertise or teams to make it easy for participants to find each other.
  • Provide in-app messaging for impromptu meet-ups.
  • Schedule one-to-one meetings between team members and key executives.
  • Build an in-app, team-based badge game. See how a little friendly competition between groups brings out the fun and helps strengthen colleague bonds.


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Put Your Communication into Overdrive

You have messages to share and key information to impart. You may even have a training element to your meeting. A mobile event app can help you communicate more efficiently.

Here’s what you could do in your mobile app:

  • Send push messages directly to individuals, groups or all to be sure everyone knows where to be.
  • Include key documents, presentations (no $ on printing!) and videos right in the app for easy accessibility.
  • Give each team member his or her own personalized schedule, including breakout sessions, activities and table assignments at lunches and dinners.
  • Include a To-Do task list to cover prep work for the meeting. You’ll be able to track the progress and you’ll know if anyone needs a nudge.


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Share Knowledge & Insights

Learning together and listening to your team members helps everyone grow professionally and your company will benefit. Consider using your event app to streamline and simplify your training certifications and vital employee feedback.

  • Allow participants to check in to sessions for continuing education credits. Keep motivation high with a personalized real-time credits-earned graph and a personalized certificate at the end. You can receive a full report of credit activity for all your employees.
  • Gain valuable insights by using live polling and Q&A to let colleagues tell you what is on their minds.
  • Set up meeting-long questions for even greater dynamic feedback. Display live fluctuating responses on a large screen.
  • Let team members discuss opportunities and challenges on a discussion board for great crowd-sourced content.
  • Collect responses to key survey questions in app.


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Make it Last

Create lasting memories with your team. Everyone should leave the event feeling excited and re-energized. Be sure to put some thought into framing your event. Use photos and social wall to tell your story.

  • Encourage posting of photos to capture highlights of the event and amplify its impact.
  • Display social wall in a common area for all to see discussion boards, photos and Twitter.


Hosting internal events is an effective way to bring colleagues together to work on high-level strategies, invigorate the team, strengthen bonds and, when all is said and done, affect your business' bottom line.

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