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15 Ways Your Event App Can Make Your Next Internal Meeting the Best Yet

Posted by Angie Sloan on Jan 31, 2018 10:56:47 AM

The new CEO of a large financial services company decided to get creative. He was being introduced for the first time to the company’s managing directors at an internal meeting. He wanted to invite conversation and, more importantly, questions from this key team of leaders.

Even with a group like this, people can be timid about asking questions in a large-group setting, especially to their new boss.

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Event App Login (presented in a clear, easy-to-follow map)

Posted by Angie Sloan on Oct 11, 2017 10:20:00 AM

What level of authentication will your event app need? Deciding what login requirements you want for your event or program app is one of the first decisions you'll make regarding the structure of your app.

Will it be chock full of information that is meant only for your meeting participants' eyes and ears? Or will it contain information that you'd like the whole world to have access to?

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What Meeting Planners Should Know About Event App Security: 8 Essentials

Posted by Angie Sloan on Jun 30, 2017 11:17:17 AM


Imagine having to announce to your attendees that you’ve experienced a security breach and that their private information has been made public. It’s vital to keep your information safe—for both your meeting attendees and your organization. But it can be overwhelming tracing the path your data takes, evaluating your event app vendor and meeting your IT department’s strict guidelines.

How can you be confident about your mobile event app security?

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Top 10 Event App Essentials

Posted by Angie Sloan on May 17, 2017 10:11:21 AM

We work with meeting planners from all over the world and they are smart, incredible people. They know how to get stuff done. In fact, we are blown away by the feats of wizardry they perform on a daily basis managing events and meetings for their customers and colleagues. They know events inside and out.

We asked 50 event professionals what they find most important in an event app. What are the things that would make their lives and their events better or easier?

Here’s a list of what matters most to them. It's their Top 10 list of app essentials. (Actually there are 11. There was a tie for number 10.)

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Step Up the Feedback: 14 Keys to Better Surveys, Better Events

Posted by Angie Sloan on Apr 28, 2017 7:00:00 AM

You’ve gathered a large group of some of your most important people. People with a shared passion, common interests or specialty areas of expertise. It’s a great time to seek valuable feedback. Not with a huge survey handed to them on their way out the door to the airport or a paper survey left on the seats at each session. You need to connect with your meeting participants where they are—on their mobile devices.

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6 Picks: Fascinating TED Talks on Personal Growth

Posted by Angie Sloan on Jan 1, 2017 8:30:29 AM

The beginning of a new year is a great time to think about where we've been, where we want to go and how we'll get there. These six TED Talks, from the second half of 2016, will inspire and inform, make you laugh and challenge you to assert yourself or to think differently. Each deals with personal growth in some manner. Not a bad way to get motivated for the new year. 

We're kicking off the six picks with one that offers big lessons learned from the small screen—soap operas. C'mon, you know you're curious...

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Know Your Participants: What Your Event App Can Tell You and What You Can Do About It

Posted by Angie Sloan on Nov 5, 2016 9:51:41 AM

The holy grail of many meetings is learning more about your constituents. You can do your job better when you know more about the people you are serving. You can do all that with your event app.

The trick is garnering the most intelligent information—be it direct or behavioral feedback. And then, of course, knowing what to do with it. 

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Event App Login Choices Made Simple

Posted by Angie Sloan on Oct 21, 2016 6:39:57 PM

One of the considerations when creating an event app for your meeting, conference or trade show is the type of login, or authentication, you will require for your app.

Deciding the type of login you want can be a bit confusing because you have so many choices. Apps on the Apple App and Google Play Stores can be downloaded by anyone, but it’s up to you whether you give someone “an inside look” at your app or not.

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12 Ways Your Event App Can Delight Sponsors and Increase ROI

Posted by Angie Sloan on Aug 14, 2016 12:45:52 AM

Sponsors and exhibitors are crucial to the success of many conferences and events. As an event planning professional, you'll want to make those key partners happy and keep them coming back year after year. You can do it with a solid strategy for helping them get the most from your event.

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8 Great TED Talks from 2016 That Will Inspire You to Dream, Fail and Connect with Others

Posted by Angie Sloan on Jul 31, 2016 1:15:23 AM

In need of some inspiration? Try these eight great TED Talks. We’ve chosen these recent talks because they dare us to dream while embracing the idea of total failure, make us laugh, spark our imagination, help us connect with people, and fill us with the wonder of natural beauty.

(If a good laugh is what you're after right away, go directly to #7.) 

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