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Expert Series: VIP Portal for Speakers and Exhibitors

Written by: Taylor Sisk

Taylor Sisk


A relatively new feature of the Gather Digital mobile event app, this is one that event planners are finding to be a considerable timesaver. It’s called the VIP Portal. 

It was, in fact, input from event planners that brought the VIP Portal to fruition. Account manager Elyse Allen explains that she and her colleagues were hearing from their clients that it surely would be wonderful to be able to offer a feature that gives event speakers and exhibitors more control over their own content­—meanwhile taking some of the workload off the planner’s plate.

Enter the VIP Portal.

Easy access

Here’s how it works:

Prior to the event, speakers and exhibitors log in at a URL provided by the event planner and create their own password. Once in the portal, speakers will see a list of the sessions in which they’re participating. They now have access to full management of all their own materials. They can upload their own profile, slides­, social media links—anything associated with their session.


“They only see the sessions they’re assigned to,” Elyse emphasizes, “and they can’t edit the title of their session or the description, that sort of thing. They can only enter or edit their own presentation information.”

The event planner also has access, and can correct errors or flesh out any incomplete materials if necessary.

Take a load off

Elyse says her clients are really loving this feature. It frees up time when time is most at a premium.

post in note huge problem solver.jpgWhat usually happens,” she says, “is that even though event planners request bios, headshots and presentation files well in advance, they tend to mostly arrive at the very last minute. It’s then a mad dash for the planner to get all of that uploaded.

“Or sometimes a presentation changes at the last minute, and the speaker has to reach out to the planner to make changes to their materials.

“The VIP Portal really simplifies these processes.”

It’s also easy for planners to keep tabs on things. They can go into the dashboard to see who’s logged into the VIP Portal and when they last did so. They can then send reminders as necessary.

Value added

Another advantage of the VIP Portal is that if speakers are taking advantage of the event app’s live polling or survey features, they can monitor and revise those.

“They can click on a link to manage the questions that are displayed for their sessions,” Elyse post in note improve in-session polling.jpgexplains. “They can create or edit questions on the fly. The portal allows them to add or revise questions right in the middle of their session.”

An additional feature for exhibitors who are using the app’s lead retrieval option is that they can stay updated on all the leads that have been gathered throughout the event. Given the value of immediate access to this information, the VIP Portal can be offered to exhibitors in a premium sponsorship package.

Point to the portal

Elyse adds that the VIP Portal also comes in handy post-event:

"Clients tell me that offering the portal is so much easier than having to send out survey results to all their speakers individually after the event is over. Now they can just point them to the portal.”

post in note time-saver tip.jpg“The beauty of the VIP Portal,” Elyse affirms, “is that once you give speakers or exhibitors access to it, it really does run itself, and saves a whole lot of time for the event planner.

“I have lots of return customers for this feature.”


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