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Gather Digital Joins Certain

Written by: Jon Phillips, CEO

Jon Phillips, CEO

Live events are a dynamic marketing channel. They allow organizations to reach and connect with customers, employees and partners in a uniquely rich experience. There’s nothing better for building and solidifying relationships than bringing the right people together.

Gather Digital lives this channel every day. That’s why we’re excited today to announce that we are joining Certain, a leading event automation platform known for its scalable, data-driven approach to managing events. Together, the Gather Digital and Certain event technologies create a powerful nextgen platform to empower our clients to make the most of the important live event marketing channel.

Gather Digital has long been focused on creating secure, flexible and personalized app solutions to enable networking, shared learning and engagement for our clients’ events and programs.

Now, with Certain, Gather Digital will also be able to provide complementary event automation solutions such as registration, conference microsites, event check-in and more, along with robust integrations with leading marketing automation platforms such as Oracle Eloqua and Marketo.

The aligned technologies of the two companies offer a way for our clients to start the customer journey earlier—at the event invitation stage. Clients can present a window into the event before it begins by letting guests register, plan their schedules, access pre-event reading materials, and get an advanced look at participating exhibitors.

Then clients can continue to communicate and gather important data signals from participants seamlessly throughout and after the event.

Guests can check in during the meeting, stay up to date on the latest schedule, and view session presentations and videos. They can contribute to the experience through polls and surveys, and by sharing ideas and memories.  Participants’ preferences, behaviors, questions and feedback are signals of intent that give marketers real-time data to build relationships and further sales efforts—with follow-up offers that are personalized, tailored and deliver a better experience.

In the process, event planners’ lives are made easier with smooth integrations and streamlined event management.

Gather Digital and Certain are excited to offer solutions to enable the complete customer journey before, during and after the event—both as an integrated platform and as standalone products.

Gather Digital clients may continue to use the Gather Digital mobile application on its own if they wish. Certain clients will likewise be able to use the Certain event automation platform on a standalone basis. Further, we pledge to continue to support integrations with other event technologies.

But for our customers who are interested, we can now also offer a comprehensive event automation and mobile platform.

No matter how you choose to work with us, most importantly, Gather Digital and Certain remain committed to providing unparalleled customer service to our clients.

The concept of connecting all the opinions and actions on the ground at an event with the knowledge base and real-time action drivers of a robust strategic marketing system has been our focus for years now.

Together with our clients, we’ve been taking powerful steps to make that a reality. As part of the Certain team, we’ll be sprinting the rest of the way. This is going to be fun!

Read more about the Gather Digital and Certain combination in this press release or in this blog post by Certain CEO Peter Micciche.

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