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Event App Login Choices Made Simple

Posted by Angie Sloan on Oct 21, 2016 6:39:57 PM

One of the considerations when creating an event app for your meeting, conference or trade show is the type of login, or authentication, you will require for your app.

Deciding the type of login you want can be a bit confusing because you have so many choices. Apps on the Apple App and Google Play Stores can be downloaded by anyone, but it’s up to you whether you give someone “an inside look” at your app or not.

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Graphic Recording: An Extra Element of Visual Magic for Event Engagement

Posted by Taylor Sisk on Oct 2, 2016 9:52:53 AM

Give ’em the silent treatment. Engage your audience with ‘graphic note-taking’

No question, there are numerous ways that technological advances allow us to enrich our conferences, training events and other such meetings of minds. Gather Digital’s tailored event app is, of course, a prime example.

But consider this:
You can further engage your audience with a good old-fashioned whiteboard and a few multicolored markers: the primary tools of a graphic recorder.

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5 Color Strategies for Your Event App

Posted by Samuel Bavido on Sep 19, 2016 7:29:52 PM

As an account manager for a mobile event app, part of my job is training new clients on our content management system to set up and run their event apps. When we get to the part where we choose event app colors, people get excited.

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Event Technology Security: What We Learned and Why SOC 2 Matters

Posted by Jon Phillips, CEO on Sep 2, 2016 4:24:04 PM

Before working with any technology vendor, ask, “Do you have a SOC 2 report?”

When looking to engage with a technology vendor, one of the first questions you should ask is, “Do you have a SOC 2 report?” A SOC 2 report is a great way to assess the processes and controls that a company has in place to ensure that they can deliver on their promises to you. We know the tremendous effort involved in pursuing a SOC 2 audit and report—we recently went through the process ourselves.

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12 Ways Your Event App Can Delight Sponsors and Increase ROI

Posted by Angie Sloan on Aug 14, 2016 12:45:52 AM

Sponsors and exhibitors are crucial to the success of many conferences and events. As an event planning professional, you'll want to make those key partners happy and keep them coming back year after year. You can do it with a solid strategy for helping them get the most from your event.

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8 Great TED Talks from 2016 That Will Inspire You to Dream, Fail and Connect with Others

Posted by Angie Sloan on Jul 31, 2016 1:15:23 AM

In need of some inspiration? Try these eight great TED Talks. We’ve chosen these recent talks because they dare us to dream while embracing the idea of total failure, make us laugh, spark our imagination, help us connect with people, and fill us with the wonder of natural beauty.

(If a good laugh is what you're after right away, go directly to #7.) 

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Social Media Quick Tips: Increase Event Engagement with Your Mobile App

Posted by Samuel Bavido on Jul 15, 2016 9:06:53 PM

No doubt social media is used extensively to bring people and resources together. 65% of American adults now use social media sites, according to Pew Research Center. That’s 10 times higher than it was a decade ago. And it’s not just young adults (although 90% of people 18-29 use social media), usage for people 65 and older has more than tripled since 2010, rising from 11% to 35%.  

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How Event App Gamification Can Help Drive Event Goals

Posted by Angie Sloan on Jun 14, 2016 2:37:13 PM

A little friendly competition goes a long way to encourage participation at events. Gamification in your mobile event app is fun for meeting-goers, but at its core is a great way to engage attendees and help drive the behaviors that get to the very heart of your event goals. 

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